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Struer - The City of Sound

The City of Sound is not only a question of creating a brand, but is also an attempt to involve the citizens, local enterprises and cultural institutions in living and creating ‘the city of sound’.

Sound is going to be visible in cityplanning, business, events, tourism, culture, and also in creating new and smart solutions to the challenges in our core services.

There are plans for infrastructural projects such as parks with audio-walks with integrated sound making elements, thus focusing on creating distinct Soundscapes.

The museum is planning on establishing a exploratorium on sound and working on defining the sound of Struer by collecting sounds of different parts of Struer.

Through The City of Sound the Municipality of Struer wants to establish itself as a testbed for designing solutions based on sound technology thus making it possible for companies and institutions alike to test products and services in a wide range of different areas covering welfare services as well as business- and productdevelopment.

Thus The City of Sound incorporates both economic, social and environmental aspects.

Please read the Project Description (Danish) or the Presentation for further information about the City of Sound.



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